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Our Organization, Be Smart to Build Our Country, is a social organization, going to build up good and developed country through creating innovative society.

What our organization hopes to introduce is to formulate new policies necessary for the positive development of our country.  In this activity our organization’s attempt is to engage persons from the General public to the higher levels of the society in the innovation movement.  It is our objective to give necessary guidance in that aspect and also to encourage a self-motivated development participation among the individual citizens.  Thereby the march towards making Sri Lanka a good country and a developed country will be accelerated.  Thus, in formulating new policies (procedures), it is determined to introduce innovative ideas applicable to selected fields of activities by our organization.  These fields of activities are:  personal security, personal discipline, economics, science and technology, social industry and arts.  Similarly, under these main fields it is determined to introduce seventeen sub-fields to formulating of procedures.

“Be Smart to Build Our Country” is not an individual concern, but it is an organization open to the public, independent and volunteer in nature.   We would likewise add emphatically that our organization is neither affiliated to any political party nor are acting under the guidance of any political party.  We hope to solicit the participation of any of you having the enthusiasm and the relevant knowledge in the accomplishment of our activities in regard to the above-mentioned fields. Also, we hope to receive the knowledge and experience of our loyal citizens who are employed in other countries. Our organization will also provide them with an opportunity to take leaderships within our organization with respect to these activities.   In this respect, while we solicit your co-operation, we shall highly appreciate your participation in our organization’s activities.   It is an invitation for all to join hands with our Organization “Be Smart to Build Our Country” and to make our Island like a Gem to shine with more brilliance.

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Once government energize cultivation process of large-scale farmers and domestic grower's their productivity of gram, vegetables and other other agricultural products may be excess at yielding times. So , we would like to recall investors' attention to start factories for food processing . This process will help to protect our farmers, possible to provide quality service to end customers and it will be a profitable business. Also, consumer can receive guarantied quality foods for local market as well as international markets.

Why don’t we go for “WeChat pay” or similar kind of payment methods at this moment???

A mobile application most commonly referred to as an app. People who stay in China do their day to day payments utilizing WeChat Pay application. It is an alternative safe method. It is replace cash payments by hand to hand. 

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To develop the country through a respectable, disciplined, good natured, healthy and strong populace.


 The main linkage in a country’s live wire is the Citizen.  Individuals should be inspired to contribute to the country’s development process by the utilization of their inherent skills and expertise.  The main mission of our organization is to equip the citizen with the necessary guidance to mound himself to fit in appropriately to his living environment and his profession.    This means to utilize an individual’s development to the country’s development.

  • Improving the  ability of  the personal  security    of  the  public within  the  surrounding  that   they live
  • Improving  the  personal disciplines

  • Developing the  education  system  to  be  matched  with  the  job market,   for cultural  identities  and  for  enabling  work  perseverance

  • Improving  good  food  styles  for  healthy  lives,  Motivating  the  individuals,  government    and  private  sectors, to  heal  the  patients,  through  exercises,  advanced  techniques  and   effective  and  accurate  diagnosis

  • Encouraging the  state  and  private  institutions  to  explore  new  strategies  for  the  growth  of  economy
  • Developing of tourism
  • Improving the  proper  production  and  storage  of  quality  food,  through  a  systematic    and  methodical    agricultural  development  and  the  quality  of  the  other  related products
  • Bringing the  marketing  and  management  forward  to  the  international  level  and  making  the  way  to  win  the  local  products  and  industries  before  the world
  • Bringing forth   a  formal,  efficient  and  pollution  free transportation
  • Machinery and Vehicles

  • Developing the   Science  and  Technology
  • Having recognized  the  expertise  in  the  field  of  industry  and receiving  their  assistance for   providing  advice to  the  institutions, that  need  to train the  industrialists  for  the  new  and  existing industries

  • Aesthetic
  • Establishment of a fine – Art and correct  language  style  in  the country   

  • Train all construction related engineering staff and work forces match to international standards and improve the quality of construction.
  • Introduce new technology to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the industry and to strengthen the ability of people.



  • Reforming and improving the existing law
  • Policy improvement
  • Creating honesty  throughout  the  society
  • Directing  people  to attain  a  virtuous  society
  • Creating a  respectable  society,  that  has  been  adopted  to  rational  decisions
  • Creating the  dare  rulers,  employees  and  officers  who  admire the  right  things and  evaluating them
  • Attempting to  rescue  the  alcoholics  and  drug  addicts   and  trying  to  get  the supporters  who  encourage  them  to  the  correct  path