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Category: Transportation

Accident is an undesired or unintended happening. Inevitable accident falls within the concept  of  ACT  OF GOD OR DAMNUM  FATALE” or an unfortunate harmful event, event without apparent cause unexpected occurring.

 An accident may occur

  • Between a vehicle and other vehicle
  • Vehicle colliding with a person
  • Vehicle colliding with movable or unmovable property
  • When a vehicle goes off the road
  • A person being knocked down with another person
  • Due to natural or man-made disaster

According to the latest world Health Organization (WHO) data published in 2017, Road Accidents deaths in Sri Lanka reached 3,554 or 2.80% of total deaths. The age adjusted  death  rate is 16.33 per 100,000 of population ranks, Sri Lanka # 98 in the world.  Review other causes of death by clicking the links below or choose the full health profile.

 Reasons for accident

  1. Recklessness of the drive
  2. Negligent of  the
  3. Indiscipline of  driving
  4. Lack of Knowledge
  5. Road rules & regulations
  6. Weather conditions
  • Conditions of the vehicle
  1. knowledge  of reading apparatus and control equipment
  2. Human error
  3. Fatigue  or   stress
  4. Road infrastructure  defect
  5. Not planning the trip
  6. Duty poor healthy condition
  7. Lack of driving experience or alcohol
  8. Failure to check power
  9. A speeding
  10. Not wearing the safety belt
  11. Pedestrians not following road rules
  12. Jumping color light
  13. Not knowing the meaning of the different road signs marking signals
  14. Lack of skills driving during rains, winds, fog or mist
  15. Failure to obey road rules and regulations
  16. Driving after taking medication
  17. Trying to beet up time
  18. Failure in respecting the rights of others
  19. Failure in recognizing civil responsibility
  20. Unsatisfactory enforcement by some police officer
  21. Not keeping the proper distance

Based on the above facts the proof of road accidents are increasing day by day. Accordingly the information of road accidents occurred in the years 2016 and 2017 are denoted in the table below.

If the above information is denoted on a bar chart

(Road  Accidents – Police  Head  Quarters –  2016  &  2017)

Above shown bar chart denotes, the road accidents noted at the police Head Quarters during two years. Though the amount of road accidents occurred in 2017 has become decreased similarly to the accidents occurred in 2016, the amount of depriving lives is increasing. The  tragic  situation  is  that,  the majority of   the  percentage of  people  who  have  gone  deaths  through  road accidents are the young generation.


Conducting workshops at least once a year to  make  the   people aware of  reducing  road accidents.

Most of the people do not know the value of wearing helmets. And  some of them:

  • Wear a  helmet, as a habit.
  • Some wear  helmet due  to  fear of police.
  • Some other wear  helmet as a fashion.

But  it  is  not  the  thing  to  be  happened. The individual safety should be considered above all.  We  can  point out that, most of the lives  were lost   in  motor cycle accidents,  due  to  not wearing  of  helmets in the   correct manner.

To minimize the brain damages, it is a must,  to use safety helmets.

If  we  can follow very small things even that we do not think, we  can  easily    minimize  the  day – to – day  road  accidents.

The other reason  for   vehicle accidents is, not wearing  the  seat belts in a proper  manner.

 Harmful effects that occur due to vehicle accidents:

  • Depriving of individual lives.
  • Being permanently  bedridden or
  • Bearing a great cost for medication
  • Destroying of common properties.
  • Depriving driving license.
  • Being arrested  by  the police.
  • Incurring a huge cost of  expenditure to recover the  damaged vehicle.
  • Collapsing the economic and social state of the died  person’s family members by  the
  • Depriving of parents for their children.

A great crowed of people have to face this kind of adverse states every day. Did you think a while, about the damage occur to the country,  due  to  these adverse states? The main objective of our organization is,  to  convince  the  people that,  personal  safety  is  the foremost  for  all.

In addition to that, we have to pay attention towards another end of this.  That  is “The driving license.” There are some main aspects to complete, when someone obtains  the  driving  license.  In  Sri  Lanka,  every person who completed 18 years can obtain a driving license. The candidate of the driving license should first face for a medical test  then a  written test and   next  a practical test. After completing  all  these,  the opportunity for obtaining  the driving license is opened for the person. The person who received the license in  such  manner, never involves in any investigation until  he /she complete  a period of five years.  Therefore,   we  would    like  to  suggest  the  Australian  mode  of  getting  the driving  license.   Thus a special attention and a consideration should be paid when issuing the license for motor cycles. It  is  very  important to  pay  special  attention  at the practical training,  before  facing  for  the  practical  test.

Thus the public awareness about the remaining road rules should be inquired. Most probably, people  behave  by  ignoring  the  road  rules. Even  though  it  is  a  common  point that, from  a child  to  an  adult  knows to  use  the  pedestrian  crossing  to  cross  the  road,  people  are  used  to  cross  the  road, from  anywhere that they  stay.   Why  don’t  we attempt  to  prevent  these  acts by  creating  an  attitudinal  change  within    ourselves.

When  we  discuss   about  a  more  efficient  tranasport  system, it  is  advisable to  consider   the  procedure  of  obtaining  a  driving  licence, for  every  citizen over  18  years,  before  applying  for  the  license.  In  Sri  Lanka,  the policy of  getting  a  license   is;  any  applicant  being  a  permament  resident  in   Sri  Lanka,  over  the  age  of  18  years    can  apply  for  this   service,  by  directing  the  application  to  the  Assistant  Commissioner  of  the  Licencing  Division,  Department  of  Motor  Traffic.    It  is  possible  to  register  and  sit  for  the  written  test,  if  17  years  of  age  has  been  completed.   In  the  event  of  passing  the  written  test,  a  learner’s  permit  is  issued up  to  maximum  of  18  months.   Then  the  permit  holder  can  practice  driving. After  completing  of    18  years  of  age,  the  applicant  can  face   for  the  practical  test  and  a  minimum  of  3  months  training  should  have  after  obtaining  the  learner’s  permit.  It  is  compulsary  to  pass  the  practical  test  to  obtain  a  new  driving  licence. Our  intention   is to   encourage all   the  people  to  get  the  driving  license with  the  assistance  of  the  government.

Our  recommendation  is  to  follow   the  formalities  which  are  practicing   by  other  countries  in  issuing  of  driving  license.  If  we  take  as  example, the  Australian  Victoria  Graduated   Licensing  System can  be  adopted  in  the  criteria of  our  driving  license  issuing  system.

In  the  process  of Victoria  graduated  licensing  system,   the  person  who  neeeds  to  get  the  driving licence,  should  follow  some important  information  and  a  Learner  Log  Book  is   issued  to  make  sure  the  learner’s  knowledge  of  driving  on  roads. If  the  learner  does  not  complete  the  Learner  Log   Book  in  the  proper  way  or  fail  to  provide  a  completed  declaration  of  Learner   Log  Book  completion,  he / she  will  lose  his  / her  booking  and  test  fees,  and  a  minimum of   six  weeks  could  have  to   wait  before  the  learner  can  take  his / her  drive test.