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Healthy life is a treasure to a country. The role of an individual is a great strength towards the journey of the development of country. But due to existing economic extent, the individual attempts to spend the life depends on it. The man has to spend whole life in a monotonous way. The man who lives in a monotonous life is caught up his/ her own backwardness, even though he has experienced an advancement in economic aspect. The basic reason for this is,  accustom of monotonous life style throughout a long period. There are several criteria to be used to measure, whether an individual is healthy? Accordingly the individual who is completed in social, spiritual, physical, and mental aspects can be defined as a healthy individual.

A better man power is needed to develop a country. But due to some illness situations, this has been changed. We understand that unhealthy  life- habits  are  caused  for  many  non- communicable diseases . We have to change is  also,  the common life style that these people do not like to change.  The  whole family may imitate the routine  of one person’s life style.

The organization “Be  Smart  to Build Our country” pays more attention related to individual health. The fields we pay attention are as follow:


Introduction  To Health

According to the definition given by The World Health Organization, while health means the whole physical, mental, and social healthiness, it is not only free from sicknesses or weaknesses. According to the modernized definition given  by The World Health Organization; health means,  while it’s  resource to the  day – to – day life, not only the life objective,  further the health means  a positive concept that is analyzed  about  the physical capacity  and  social, and individual resource.

Physical Health

Physical health means, the conduct of better health condition by having a correct method of continuous exercises, proper meal, nutrition, and having a correct way of leisure bodily by keeping well- health condition. Healthy individual is a wholesome person. Well- health means a balanced collection of a physical, mental, social as well as a spiritual consistency. Even if a person is physically fit but socially and spiritually weak, he cannot be recognized as a healthy person. The aspects are taken under these consistency are:

When discussing of health, it can be discussed under two main aspects,

External Health means the outer image of a person. All the people’s attitudes of someone is, the outer image or appearance of  that person. Wrong attitudes are building among the people about someone who always behave untidily and uncleanly. Actually health can be shown as, not only being healthy but also being pleasant.

  • The individual’s social behavior.
  • Other attire
  • Clothing suitability
  • Cleanliness of clothes as well as boding cleanliness
  • Cleanliness and tidiness of hair etc: can be studied.

External sicknesses seemingly to be having among individuals.

Body Mass means weight

It’s not a secret that, most of the people  attempt to control  the body mass. However, some people seem to be even working without intention to control the weight of their bodies. But obesity can be seen as a national issue because obesity is  now  broadly spreading  in the society. Sometimes you may not aware about the healthy weight of the body. Thus you may not aware of moving towards the healthy body mass  range and the correct method of  keep  remaining over that range.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index can be denoted as one of the simple implement that is used to measure the healthy body mass. Actually it is a simple mathematical formula. First you have to measure your weight in kilograms and height in meters. After that your weight should be divided by  your height to calculate the Body Mass Index.

For Instance:

If your weight is 65 kilo grams and height is 1.7 meters ;  the  height = 1.7×1.7= 2.89

Therefore your body Mass Index is 65/2.89= 22.49

According to  the  body  mass  index,  the latest weight  ranges  which have been revised to be matched for the   bodies of  Sri Lankans,  can be denoted as follows.

Body Mass Index.

  • The weight less-than 18.5 (Underweight)
  • 5- 22.9 (Normal weight)
  • 23-24.9 (Over weight)
  • 25 or over (Obese)

Body Mass Index is an implement that can be used to find the range  that your body weight belong to. But you cannot have a proper  understanding of the extra  fat in your body. Thus the BMI is not a method to be always used to decide whether the weight of your body is a problem to you. For example: Though a person is not obese,  the BMI can be denoted a high value, if he has well growth muscles. Accordingly a low measurement can be shown of a person who  has weak  muscles . Therefore if you think that you are obese or if you have a  doubt  about  healthy  weight  of  your  body, better to discuss with your doctor.

The Height

Height is a strong index that reflexes the status of the population. While the day-to-day life style is influenced towards height, it can be influenced by an improvement of the status of health and the level of nutrition. There’s a great influence of genes towards  a  person’s  height.

Waist circumference

Another simple method to understand that,  how much you are close to the healthy weight is; the waist circumference. In fact measuring of waist circumference is an important method,  because having extra fat in the stomach is a great reason and due to that, the  danger of  high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and heart diseases, may cause  in a considerable level. As well as the BMI and the waist circumference are not a measurement to denote correct obesity of you. These  are the two measurement criteria that are copiously used to give an intension about the healthy weight.

What so ever the circumference of waist:

  • If a man, there should be less than 90cm (36 inches)
  • If a lady who is not pregnant, there should be 80cm (32 inches) or less than that.

For measuring the waist, stand straight, wind the measuring tape around the waist, above the hip bone. Here, though the measuring tape is stuck to the skin, it should not be tighten to the skin. Before taking the measurement exhale the breath.

(Waist-to-Hip ratio or WHR)

Waist-to-hip ratio is another measurement that is used by the doctors to have an intention about your weight.

To measure the waist-to-hip ratio:

  • Get the measurement of the thinnest place of the waist.
  • Get the measurement of the broadest place of the hip.
  • Divide the waist measurement from the measurement of the hip.

Waist to hip ratio

  • If it is of a male, it should be 0.9 or less than that. If it is higher than this, it is said as the fat in the stomach is copious.
  • If it is of a female it should be 0.85 or less than that. If it is higher than this. It is said as excess weight. The reason for getting different values of male and female of this measurement is; while the extra weight of most of males’ is fixed in abdomen and extra weight of most of females’ is spread around the hip and buttocks.

Internal  Health

An individual’s internal  healthiness  of  the body, can be pointed out as internal health. Even though an individual lives in  a healthy life, there may have various internal lingered sicknesses. Due to internal sicknesses,  the number of depriving lives is  also increasing annually.

Through our investigation, the public is made aware the  expectancy  of causeless  life depriving  due to self-mistakes and wrong life styles. It attempts motivating people   not by  the health sectors but  by  the public themselves.

Non- communicable diseases    

Non- communicable diseases have become a crucial epidemic in the society by today.

The factors influenced for these diseases can be divided into two parts.

When we look into the changeable factors, can you understand these everything happens due to our bad habits? So let’s discuss how to give up these bad habits and how to prevent from non-communicable diseases in 11 steps.

These are the steps.

  • Stop smoking
  • Stop taking liquor
  • Maintaining the correct Body Mass Index
  • Having enough physical exercises
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables ( five servings per day)
  • Reducing a tea spoon of salt from the salt that is added for daily meals
  • Reduce use  of  sugar  as  much  as  possible
  • Reducing of eating fatty food
  • Keeping mental health as much as possible
  • Having a better understanding of the  state  of  your
  • Adhering the instructions and treatments that you are given

It gives more ability to prevent from Non- communicable diseases by  adhering these 11 steps.

Few instructions from us to  conduct  mental fitness in the correct manner.

What  comes  to  your  mind  at once,  when the word “fitness” is heard?  Sometimes  you may  think  as  “A dial who has gone to Gym and built the body shape by lifting iron”?    or  you  may  also imagine as,   someone  whose  brain has  become  alive and is doing exercise by lifting two books in hands. But actually, mental fitness otherwise good mental ability means not only the exercises to the brain, but it is included a good mental health.  How it is created? There’s no great difficulty. But the things we are going to say, should be often done.

Mental Exercises.

Though most of us  make a sudden involuntary movement, when saying mental fitness, become back ward as soon as hearing of physical exercise, because creating mental balance is an essential step to create physical balance. In other way mean to make the brain up, the body should be kept well. Therefore, it is better at least even a half an hour can be reserved a day for exercises from today.

  1. Keep the office work in the office itself.

This deed is easy to say but difficult job to do. We have a problem at the office but if we can just stay without thinking of it, after return home. If we have a train, can do it. When stay at home, think of family members, and when staying leisurely,  better to do the things that you like, that  is the best method for this. Thus, when you are at the office, thinking of home inmates and engage in ones hobby at the office should not be done. These all are included for this.  It’s  true  that, the personal life and professional life cannot be kept separate by dividing in a line,  but when attempt continuously it will be able to build a balance between these two.

02.Do not engross with regretful things

In one hand, life is like a question paper  and  answering for some question are easy as well as giving responses for some questions are complicated. Sometimes feel sorrowful, connections are broken down. We often live with sorrowful  mind. If we select repentance everyday sorrowful. But we can solve our problems and be happy. Definitely it cannot be done within one or two nights. But a person who survives in a wholesome mentality can find  the peace in life. The person who can find peace can achieve wholesome mentality.

03.Read, Listen, and See

Enjoy what you can enjoy

Reading a book is a very good habit. Listening to good music  or watching a good film is also the same. Not only our enjoyment but also our perspective is  improved, by  engaging  in  such  activities.  We accustom to think and to see the world, life and people and practice to see in a more broaden way. Likewise we receive a glee. This mixer is an unmistakable recipe for receiving an excellent balanced mentality.

04.Hobbies   for  Mental  Exercises  

There are a lot of things that  can be done for this. The mind gets exercises from the games like Sudoku, chess, chequers , up to puzzle games. The advantage not only developing intellectual ability by learning these  kinds of games, it enables to centralize the mind, and receive the mental relief. Therefore engaging in such a game during the leisure will not be a loss. If needs you can upload to your smart phone and can play during the leisure.

05.Mental relief with willing people

People mean social beings. These social  beings  need  relationships  for conducting mental and  physical   fitness in the correct manner. There are  some  occasions  that we meet friends. May be to have a coffee when friends are gathered  or  otherwise may be in a pub. Wherever the place, the important thing is,  that will be able to have a chat for mind relief. That’s why we feel mental relaxation after the company of friends. Seemingly,  the second  thing is intellectual debates. “ There  should  be  friends for  us in  the  society.” It is a timely topic. We can go to a debate on any serious brain storming topic,   not to  say  as “ I’m good” but for the mental     development. So these both conversations and debates are good to us. A thing   that  should be kept in mind is “We need intelligent friends”.

06.Adverse life-style of the individual. 

The main factor that influences to an individual’s life style is,  “food”. Actually we have to consider about how far the food we selected is harmless to our health. The individual should be made aware of this by himself, but not through the medical clinics.

The domestic medicinal room –  The Kitchen

The native  ayurvedic  method, that is in the first place among the natural medicinal methods, denote that, most of the  communicable  diseases, can be cured from the medicinal herbs that are found from the environment. According to our past people; the solutions have been found from the mixture of herbal species treatment by confronting and challenging before ninety eight maladies, ninety nine diseases, and one hundred and eight dangers to cure them.

Our ancestors who nourished within this mass knowledge had used the condiments that had in their kitchens, not only to increase the taste of foods but also as hand treatment to cure the day-to-day occurring diseases.

The efficacy of the often use main condiments are as follows.


The scientific name: Piper nigrum

English Name: Black pepper

The efficacy of pepper

Abundance of quality to kill phlegm and rheumatic. Due to  torrid  feature, it is not good to plethora patients. Disliking of food, sore throat, and phlegm diseases good for weak eye sight and breathing problem. Further beneficial for grinding of teeth and gumboils.

The diseases that pepper can be used as treatment.

Pepper  is  used  as  remedies  for:  asthma patients, grinding of teeth and tonsillitis, when someone gets chill, rheumatic pain, menstruation pains, diseases, pigmentation (skin disease cause to lack of skin coloration weak eyesight.


The scientific name: Coriandrum sativum

The good and bad effects  of coriander

Coriander helps  to  cure all the  diseases of  angry  trio. It is  consisted of warm efficacy  but good for mental process, growing appetite, specially good for blood exuding diseases and phlegm diseases, good for urination, can be used as an outer, ointment for joints pain. It is  healthy for the patients who have fever with phlegm.

The occasions of diseases that coriander can be used as treatment.   

Coriander can  be  used for gastritis, for the people who have less hunger, for foul smell over mouth, discharge of watery excreta, as a purgative, to discharge of infliction on old wounds, for scratching  skin with rashes, Prickling of poisonous thorns, bruises, for painful fever due to a spraining.


Scientific name: Cuminum cyminum

The good and bad of Cumin

Purifying blood, good for womb diseases, easy urination, and dry excrement stomachaches. Indigestion, vomiting, and efficacy for rickets,.  develop breast feeding, get efficacious results by applying for rheumatism.

The occasions  of diseases that cumin  can be used as a treatment.

The vomiting sensation during the pregnancy period, painful body inflammation scorpion stinging, disgust of food, vomiting, indigestion, piles diseases, good to have facial beauty, to cure from skin crashes, lachrymation of eyes, for womb cleaning after delivering a baby, skin blisters and efficacy for those who remain sleepless later than usual and  for amnesia patients.


Scientific name: Curcuma longa

English Name: Turmeric/ Saffron

Good and bad of Turmeric.

Create appetites, good for fever, phlegm diseases, diabetes. Good to apply ground cumin as an external (outer) application for inflammation diseases. Can be used as a disinfectant to destroy bacteria. It is added in cooking to increase taste, smell, and colour.

The occasions of diseases that turmeric can be used as a treatment

Skin rashes, headache due to influenza. Sting of scorpion wounds of scratching, old scars of wounds,  itchy skin  like  eczema and to remove scars of wounds leech sting, poison of wasps and hornets, sting  of bees for hiccups, sneezing and for regular running nose and Tonsillitis.


Scientific name: Cinnmomum zeylanicum

Good and bad effects of Cinnamon.

Relieving of phlegm rouse, increasing appetite, efficacious  for the process of liver and kidneys, active urination, increase muscular strength applicable for the diseases of aspiration system and the stomach diseases. Can apply as an external application for body pains.


The  occasions  that cinnamon can be used as a treatment.

Cinnamon is efficacious for the diseases like cold and fever, flatulence, nausea, sprue or stench of month, severe headache, cough and wheeze, toothache, venom of scorpion, occasions of epidemic diseases, foul smell of sweat, pimples, indigestions, dandruff.


Scientific name: Trigonella Graecum

Efficacy and inefficacy of Fenugreek.

Efficacious for growing appetite, joint pains and fever, flatulence, increases muscular generation. Ground fenugreek can be made as  an external ointment to apply for lumbago (lower back pain).

The occasions of diseases that fenugreek can be used as a treatment.

Fenugreek is applicable for dandruff, diabetes, bruises spraining, straining, rheumatic pains, nail infection, joint inflammation, (gout), sole pains, and add for the taste in herbal gruel and good for the inflammation due to rheumatic pains.

Gamboge / Red  mango (Goraka)

Scientific name: Garcinia quaeesita

English Name: Kokun butter oil tree, red mango

Efficacy and inefficacy of Gamboge.

Gamboge can be used to preserve food from spoilage. Kill venom of the body, light, warm, helps fixing dislocated bones, easy discharge of excreta, harmless to heart, create appetites, reduce cholesterol. Most of the people in the present society are accustomed towards western medicines. Even for a very small disease, they tend to meet the doctor. Actually the people are not used home remedies. Another objective of our organization is to make aware our people  about  the  importance  of  local  natural  herbs.

Healthy individual means the basic rung of the development of country. But the problem that majority of people confront today is prolapse of belly.

Even though the belly prolapse happens due to several reasons when getting obese, belly prolapse can be seen most of the times in both female and male without any differences. Therefore most of the times people pay more attention not only to control the obesity but also to control the prolapse belly and for controlling that they follow various means like engaging in exercises, controlling meal and follow medication.

Obesity means, remaining unnecessary fat in the body. Likewise fat remaining occurs in the external and internal body, it emerges getting fatter or obesity. The belly can be seen as  a  part of  the  body that  excessive   fat remained

Except  remained  of fat, there is some other diseases caused for  belly prolapse. But here we only pay attention  to  belly prolapse due  to  remained  of  fat . Therefore we consider only the relevant information.

Our informal food styles are the major reason for being obese. That means, instead of a balanced diet,   we  get   our main meals   as  breakfast,  lunch  and  dinner are  consisted of excessive starch and oil. When having such meals  and spend  the routine,  without engaging in exercises,, it may cause for  rapidly being obese. Then the fat is remained around the belly area and become prolapse.

Apart from those, the postures and styles that we follow for sitting are also have influence for prolapse of belly. Specially if we spend the time by sitting throughout the day, and if the postures of sitting are in  a wrong manner,  that also have influence for this situation.

The correct posture of sitting is;  to sit keeping, the back bone straight, by extending solders and keeping abdomen into an upright position.

The belly prolapses forward, when sitting of being curl by shrinking solders,  bending back bone or  hunching posture. It is reveal that. Most of the present people sit in wrong postures.

First thing is to do is, controlling food.

There, you should  tend to have a balanced diet through correct medical advice. Though we engage in a lot of exercises without having a balanced diet,  it will also  be useless. If we take more calories than we burn from the exercises form one meal, the body weight  will not be  reduced.

If one needs to  reduce weight or prevent having  of  prolapse  belly, he /she  should recognize the correct weight according to the height. Apart from that,  we should know the  waist circumference. According to the assess denoted by the world health organization, a male’s waist circumference should be less than 36 inches and a female’s circumference should be less than 34 inches. Such people are treated as in healthy weight. Accordingly the investigation done by the World Health Organization, denotes the appearance of waist and the stomach is like an apple or pear is not suitable for a person.

The main reason that is affected for a prolapse belly is the remaining of excessive fat, and engaging in exercises help to remove them and burn them. For that we can engage in the exercises like, walking, swimming, exercising on treadmill can be done.

The system of exercise yoga immensely helps to be put right the incorrect postures that we follow when sitting and the exercise that create stretching and bending for body flexibility.

Here is the time limit that spends to reduce the weight, and the prolapse belly to the normal level by engaging in exercises. It differs from individual to individual on the way that they control of food and the manner of engage in exercises, but an individual who engages in regular exercises by controlling meals according to the medical instruction, can reduce 2 or 3 inches of his/ her waist circumference, within a period of one month. Some people engage in the exercises like jogging after having breakfast by saying to reduce body weight. By doing such exercise do not help to  reduce  unnecessary fat remained  in the body. Engaging in exercises after having a meal, helps burning  only  the  fat included in that meal,   but not the remained fat  in  the  body. So it is advisable to engage in exercises  before  having  breakfast  and  the meal that take  after  burning  the calories  by  the  exercises   should  be  with  less  calories, than the   quantity burnt  by  the  exercises

Now we are aware of the reason that one cannot reduce remaining obesity and prolapse belly  due to engagement of exercises in incorrect manner and accustomed of wrong meal style.

This is how the body weight is reduced by cardamom.

Cardamom  is an essential condiment in an Asian kitchen. Cardamom is used not only for flavoring foods, but also used in plenty for making several medications. Cardamom can be used for cold, cough and also for reducing body mass. The way that cardamom help reducing body weight is denoted below;

  • Prevent from collecting fat in the stomach.

The speed of the body metabolism is increased by cardamom and the fat is quickly burnt. Therefore the fat related to abdomen is also occurred quickly.

  • Remove poisonous matter in the body

Due to gathering of poisonous matter  that  intercepts  blood circulation of the body and minimizing such poisonous matter from the body.

  • Prevent from unnecessary stomach filling

Another advantage that provides by the cardamom is,  helping to ease food digestion  in your  body. Then you do not feel flatulence. It helps reducing body weight too.

  • Reduces   cholesterol  levels  adverse  to  your  body

Reduce the adverse level of cholesterol in the body. But cardamom has the ability of reducing the necessary level of cholesterol too.

  • Easy for digestion

The blends of cardamom facilitates food digestion of the body. Cardamom helps for the diseases like constipation and dry excretion.

Is preparing  of food a headache?

Morning wake up is a very reluctant thing for all of us. We have a habit of having more food for dinner and sleep little more in the morning and go to work without having even breakfast, because of limited time. Why  preparing of food  has become a headache? Let’s learn  how  to prepare a nutritious breakfast within a very short time. You can put some grains like green gram or cowpee into a vessel and pour some water to soak them at previous night and if they are soaked well throughout the night, it does not take much time to boil next morning. It is more easier in a pressure –cooker. Apart from having grainy food, if you can add  some fruits like bananas or fruit drink for your breakfast it will be a kick- starter for your daily work by proving the well-known saying “one should have the breakfast as a king”.

Do you eat  to  fill  your  stomach  or to fill the mind?

Though we  eat food to quench  our  hunger, we should be aware of that the food we eat   must be enriched with nutritional values. Otherwise the meal will only fill  the belly. Therefore we have to pay more consideration about the meal that we get. As well as the nutritional food fulfills the hunger, it completes the necessity of nutrition to our body. This paves the way for the survival of healthy life. Having a nutritious meal to contented mind cause to achieve a long term happiness.

This is how the quality and quantity is protected in a meal.

  • It is very good if a leafy food can be added to all the three main meals.
  • Dairy food
  • Products related to  meat, fish, milk, and eggs.
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Products related grains and yams.

To fulfill the necessity of nutritious as well as to quit hunger, the above mentioned foods are good. Except those, it does not harmful if a fatty food can be added once in way to the meal.

Usually in most of the food products, that we buy, it is displayed the amount of calories as well as the nutritious components  that  are  included. Therefore when we buy food products, we can consider them and buy or can prevent from buying adverse foods.

Generally, the amount of food that an adult  should  take for a day can be denoted as follows.

Carbohydrates             65%

Proteins                       15%

Oils and fat                 20%

Vitamins, minerals, and sufficient of water.

The Breakfast

The energy that is needed to operate the whole day, should be included in the breakfast. If anyone who hastens to leave for work or school may skip the breakfast, it is greatly interrupt towards the fitness of the body. The breakfast is treated as the most important meal of the day, because it is the first meal of the day after a long period of fasting. That is why it is called as “break – fast  or breakfast”. Even though there is a saying as “The breakfast should be taken as a king, most of the people in the present society, are used to skip  breakfast. Most probably the women who engage in a lot of duties in the morning, they forget or may not have time to have breakfast. It is probably be caused to have several unimaginable diseases.

Brown bread

Brown bread is a food in high nutrition. because the essential mineral to the body is included in this bread. It helps to get rid of several diseases like heart diseases due to control of sugar limit in the body. It is high in taste, when adds to meal after toast.


Eggs are a high nutritious food. It helps to be healthy for the whole day, as it is a  food abundant with  protein.


Oats is treated as a hardy cereal breakfast which is enriched with high nutrition in the world. Oats give protection from several diseases by providing the necessary energy to the body.


By adding melon to food, it gives vitamin “A and C” minerals that is necessary energy to the body.

An American Dr. Leesh  Chirchill has discovered through his experiment studies that there are possibilities of having heart diseases due to skip of breakfast. Accordingly he further had explained that the diseases related to arteries and veins are based on these matters.

Ailing of diabetes

A Survey conducted by the public health sector of Harvard University has affirmed that many of the people who skip breakfast  may  have  the  tendency  to  ailing  of diabetes. The survey further affirmed that the risk of ailing with diabetes is higher towards the women than the men.


Increasing Body Mass.

Specially a person who desires to have a slim body should not skip the breakfast, because that may cause to raise the tendency of  body  weight.  Most of  the  individuals  try  to skip  some  main  meals,   for the intended of controlling the body weight,  but then the existing weight will be increased  more, than the having.

The risk of cancer

Even though many of the people do not much  consider, skipping of breakfast for a long period may cause for the risk of cancer. The medical experiment Institute of America has revealed  it  through the experiments that, this is caused for obesity. Most of the people in western countries had been ailed with obesity and later it had been caused to the state of cancer for having instant meal in between the time of morning breakfast and lunch.

This situation can be occurred due to lack of the nutritious component called  Beta carotene. Due to deficiency of Beta carotene, the confusions related  like,  splitting- end of hair, discolored of hair can be occurred. According to the expressions of western doctors, this has  a  great  influence  to  lady’s beauty culture.

Let’s control non-communicable diseases.

Let’s defeat diabetes.

In the present day, diabetes has become a major global problem in the influence of social, human, and economic aspects. According to the survey conducted by the World Health Organization, more than 200 million from the world population, suffer from diabetes. It is estimated to be increased more than 366 million by 2030. It is found that about 7 million of people are newly victimized to diabetes annually.

A healthy  meal not only fulfills the necessity of  daily energy but also it fulfills all the needs of proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals, and the needs of water.

To defeat the diabetes.

Let’s decide the necessary quantity of carbohydrates.

Prepare your  own list of food.

Select healthy food.

Check the level of blood sugar.

A list of food that should  be  prepared for the daily  needs of  an  individual who suffer from diabetes,  can be depicted as bellow.

Some strategies to protect from diabetes.

The most important factor for the individuals who are in the pre diabetes state, is to keep conduct correct healthy body mass to be accustomed to an efficient active life style with full of activities. There’s a more risk of ailing second type of diabetes to an individual who suffers, from pre-stage diabetes. So these individuals should be bent to have an annual medical checkup.

  • Engaging in medium level of activities for 30 minutes a day for five days a week.
  • It is essential to add vegetables and fruits to every meal. Get very low amount of sugar and saturated fats for food.
  • Maintaining correct body mass and it is important to maintain increasing of body weight with the age.
  • Stop smoking or refrain from smoking.
  • Drinking plenty of sugar free fluids.

5 suggestion for a healthy life

No  one likes to be sicken, when one falls  ill,  the routine works are stood still. Sometimes we have to request for someone else’ help to look after us. The other thing is of spending a huge amount of money for medicine is not an easy task.

That’s  why  we  say “it’s better to prevent from diseases, before becoming ill”, by proving the saying “prevention is better than cure”. It’s true that, we cannot avoid of  falling  ill, but if we can protect from  them, at least we can prevent or get delayed of falling  ill. Therefore let’s consider of 5 things that can be done to keep conduct a good health condition.

01.Wash your  hands well.

A better  way to prevent  from being ill or to prevent from spreading microorganisms   is;  washing hands well. The diseases like cold , highly  catches, by scratching the nose or eyes with infectious hand. So if we often wash cur hands,  can help to reduce of ailing into such diseases. Not only that, it helps to prevent from the highly communicable diseases like pneumonia diarrhea, because every year about 2 millions of children below the age of 5, die due to such diseases. Did you know that, it enables to prevent from spreading deadly diseases like Ibola from such  a  little  thing like washing hands.

There are some occasions that we need definitely to wash our hands for the protection of ours as well as for others.

For instance to wash our hands in the correct manner.

02.Use always clean water

People in some countries, struggle to find clean water for their family needs but in any country the water can be polluted due to floods, storms or due to broken pipes and due to some other reasons. When the place that we get water is not clean and water does not collect to a standard, that water becomes a breeding place for parasites. By using of impure or polluted water, there is more space to get deadly diseases such as, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and some other diseases. It is reported about 1.7 billion of diarrhea patients and one reason for that is the use of polluted (impure) water.

03.Be careful about the foods that you eat

A nutritional  balanced diet is essential for a healthy life. Not only of the salt, fat and sugar included in your meals, but also about the quantity included in your meals should be considered.  Make  an often  habit to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Select the foods made of tanned grain and brown rice. These are in high nutritional value. If you eat  meat, eat  a very less quantity of meat  which  has  less fat.  If  possible,  add fish to  your  meals for two, three  days in a week. Otherwise the vegetables that are rich  in  protein can be added   to  meal.

It has the tendency of being obese due to excessive use of sugar and salt in foods. So have a habit of drinking water instead of smacks (sweet drinks) Likewise make a habit to eat some fruits as dessert instead of eating sweet foods. Reduce use of foods like sausage, meat, butter, cake, and cheese, likewise try to use the oil  that has less fat.

High blood pressure can be  caused of having excessive quantity of salt in food. If you have such state of sickness, try to choose the  foods  with  little quantity  of  salt  and   sodium by checking the packets  when  buying  them. Instead of using salt, to  increase  the  taste  of   foods,    try  to  use  other  condiments.

As well as considering of the meals that you eat, consider about the quantity of food you eat. It’s not wrong of having foods for hunger, but do not eat after having belly- full  of  foods.

It is important to know about the nutritious of food as well as the food poisoning. Any food can be poisonous, if it is not stored or prepared in the correct manner. It is found that one out of six who lives in America is becoming ill due to  poisoning of food, in every year. Some have lost their lives even due to food poisoning?

  • Vegetables should be washed well before cooking, because they are fertilized for growing.
  • Wash your hands, cooking  pans and  the cutting board using soap and hot water before  starting  to
  • Do  not use the vessels and pans again,   that have been  used for putting meat, fish or eggs,  without washing to put some other kind of foods.
  • Foods should be cooked one by one at the correct heat that they need. The food that will be quickly spoiled should be   kept in the refrigerator.
  •  If  the  foods that are quickly spoiled,  have  been    kept in room temperature for more than two hours and  if  the foods   have been kept outside more than one hour at the temperature of more than 32oC, do not  consume  that

04.Do Exercise

If  you need  to  be  in  healthy, even though you are in any stage of ages, you need to do exercise. But many of the people today, do not engage in sufficient exercises. If you do exercises:

  • Can have a wholesome sleep.
  • Can work hastily.
  • Strengthen the bones and muscles.
  • Can keep the correct body mass in relevant to the correct height.
  • Can reduce the tendency of having mental stress.
  • Can reduce the tendency of untimely death.

On the other hand, if the exercises are not done.

  • Tendency for having heart diseases.
  • Tendency of becoming the 2nd type of diabetic.
  • Tendency of having high blood pressure.
  • Possible to increase the level of cholesterol.
  • Tendency for the ail of paralyses.

You have to get the instruction of a physician, before starting to engage in new exercise, because the exercises are different to the age levels. The children and the youth should engage in one hour exercises from the medium level to fast, a day. If the adults engage in medium level exercises two and half hours a week and if it is fast exercises it is prescribed as one and quarter hours a week.

Engage in exercises that can gain an enjoyment. For instance the sports and games like basketball, football, tennis, riding bicycles, gardening, swimming, rowing can be played. How do you know whether the exercise that you engage in is a medium level of you even cannot talk.

05.Have a sufficient sleep.

The level of sleeping necessity is also  changed according to the different age. For example; a new born baby needs a 16, 18 hours of sleep a day. While the infants need about 14 hours sleep, the small children need about 11, 12 hours sleep a day. The children at school age need at least a 10 hour sleep while the youth need of about 9 to 10 hours sleep and the adults need about 7, 8 hours sleep.

Likewise if everybody gets a sleep,

  • The children grow physically and mentally.
  • Can learn new things and keep them easily in mind.
  • Control the hormones that help to keep correct weight according to the body process.
  • Can prevent from heart diseases.
  • Can get rid from most of the diseases.

The people who do not get sufficient sleep will show the sicken of obesity, mental stress, heart diseases, diabetes, thus the risk of victimizing for road accidents is also increase due to lack of sleep. Therefore a sufficient sleep is essential.

What can you do not feel sleepy to go to sleep?

  • Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Keep the bed room in dark, clam and as a place of not more of less cool.
  • Do not w2atch TV or do not use electronic items in bed.
  • Do not eat heavy food or fluids of caffeine or alcohol before go to sleep.


More sugar has been inserted to the human body than the necessary level by 36 kinds of soft drinks, yoghurt drinks and by several kinds of flavoured milk that are available in the market. It is revealed that about 17 spoons of sugar are inserted to the body from some soft drinks. The survey reports reveal that more salt is inserted to the body than the necessary level from 14 kinds of food categories like instant noodles, soup cubes, and several kinds of devil, bite packets, and fried manioc.

The ministry of health has declared that. The body needs only 6 tea spoons of sugar, 01 tea spoon of salt, and 1 tea spoon of fat. It further reveals that a growth of victimizing towards the diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases can be seen due to harmful effects to the human body because of salt, sugar, and fat. (Nisshanka, Mahinda)

The Ministry of health Sri Lanka as well as the Health Department of United Nations have declared as the quantity of salt that a grown up should be taken a day as only 5 or 6 grams of salt.

The declaration according to the age limits as follows.

  • 1-3 years = 2 grams
  • 4-6 years = 3 grams
  • 7-10 years = 4/6 grams
  • 11 or more = 5/6 grams

The pure nutritious, basic components, as well as the vitamins and minerals that needs for the maintenance of the body, is included only in the natural foods. The components such as excessive salt, sugar, and fat that are included in the food that are not natural can easily digest and increase often hunger.

The food that is consumed by the public are categorized into three section by the Ministry of health in Sri Lanka as:

  • Green Colour- The food should be often consumed.
  • Yellow Colour- Should include for food with a control.
  • Red colour- should rarely include for food.

Prepared meat is possessed as a food that represents the yellow colour as a food in the section be used with a control.

The Ministry of Health declares as; these kind of food to be used only two or three times a week, because the foods that are belonged to that section are included of salt, sugar, and fat.

The foods that belong to such section are denoted in the following table.

Sources: Ministry of Health- Sri Lanka

The organization “Be  Smart To Build Our Country” attempts to make aware the people and to give instruction of that “how to prepare a healthy meal for the survival of a healthy life”.

19 flavours have been proscribed in use of Sri Lankan meal production as below.

  • Alois
  • Barbarin
  • Beta- Axer
  • And climaxyl
  • Antrasilet
  • Thhed oil
  • Calms oil
  • Cocaine
  • Kumaran
  • Diethylene-glycol
  • Mono Tailor

Health is a fact that is extremely bound with an individual’s life. Our organization “Let’s think and Build the country” tries to point out the things that we can do and adhere.

Let’s wash hands with soap in the correct manner

Hands are one of the main accessory that takes infections to the internal body, because hands are used to prepare food as well as to eat food. So it is a basic matter that the hands should be maintained cleaned by trimming finger nails. The common fact that we all know is ; to wash hands before every  meals.

Clean hands protect against infection

     Let’s have a tidy shave and a hair cut

Having haircuts and shaving beard has become a fashion today. Though these fashions are suitable for every individual. The youth are used to wear a long beard and without your knowledge, the infections remain in between the hair of your beard. The organization “Be Smart  To  Build  Our  Country” tries to point out to give hands, to  the individuals to improve the personality. Giving instruction to maintain their hair, for  not growing below the neck and to keep  combed  the  long hair of the lady’s nicely.

රට පුරා අයාලේ යන සුනඛයින් ලක්ෂ 5ත් ඉක්මවයි.


අයාලේ යන සුනඛයින් පුද්ගල ආරක්ෂාවට තර්ජනයක් බව ඔබ මදකට සිතුවා ද? අයාලේ යන සුනඛයින් මඟින් සිදුවන අහිතකර තත්වයන් පහත පරිදි වේ. ජලබීතිකා රෝගය සමාජය පුරා…