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Category: Personal Discipline

The self – discipline is an essential fact for the development of a country. Self  discipline  is  one  of  the  keys  for  living  to  one’s  full  potential.  If  we  can  be  disciplined  with  our  daily  actions,  we  can  achieve  any of  the things  that  set  to  our  mind, as  that  bridges  between  our  goals  and  accomplishments.   Here we have to pay more attention to improve self- discipline to bring the individual to a good path. A single  person alone cannot develop a country. Basically, a  country   can  be  developed   through self- disciplines, as  described  above. The village, town, and then the country should be developed through an individual that brings forth from self family  disciplines.  Along that path, the self- discipline supplies an important contribution. The main cause for many of the abuses, and anti-social deeds is not having self- discipline. Our organization  needs to refer the individual attention about this reason.

As  a  citizen  of  a  country,  each  and  every  individual  has  his/ her own responsibility to  keep the  surrounding  clean. Actually the  use  of  plastics  and  polythene  has  become  a  great cause  for  environmental  pollution as  they  are  non- biodegradable  parts  that  are daily   added in  tons  to the  environment. Plastics  and  polythene  do  not  decay  by  mixing  with soil  or  with  the  help  of  micro organism.  So  they  are  directly make  threaten to  the  healthy  environment.  If  we can reduce  use  of  polythene  or  avoid  use  of  them  and  if we  can  use  some alternatives instead of  using polythene  and  plastics, it  will  be  an  advisable  deed  to  protect  our  environment. For  example :  we  can  use environmental  friendly vessels and  bags which  are  made with reed, cane, straw, paper  or  cloth   to contain things, instead  of  using   polythene  and  plastic,  it  will  be  a  real  solution for  this  burning  issue. Or  otherwise  they  can  be sent  for  recycling  process because plastic  and  polythene  are  highly  recyclable  materials.

If  we  just  pay  attention  to  the  other  countries  in  the  world for keeping  environment  clean,   In  Australia(Adelaide):  By  emphasizing recycling, Adelaide  city  drastically  reduced  their  dependence  on  landfills,  leading  to  a  much  cleaner living  environment.  The  city  encourages  citizens  to  consider  giving  quality,  unwanted  items   to  charity and  to  urge  each  other  to  rely  on  the  city’s recycling  services.  While   Germany  has  introduced  the  famous “green dot” as  a  symbol in  1991,any  product  or  packaging with  the  green  dot on  it shows  that  the manufacturer  has  already  paid  for  the  recovery  and  recycling  of  the  packaging  material  and  therefore  should  be  collected  from  the  consumer  free  of  charge .

Germany  is  also  famous  for  having   coloured   dustbins  system  respectively  for  different  items.

Blue :     paper

Brown  or  Green : Biodegradable  materials

Yellow:  Packaging  of  all  sorts

Black:  Other

Germany  recycles  more  than 65%  of  its  total  waste.

In  Hawalii,  The  Sustainable  Coastlines Hawalii (SCH)  with  funding  from  the  NOAA (National  Oceanic  and  Atmospheric  Administration)  arranges  educational  programs        in  schools  and  try  to  show  the  local  communities  the  increasing  marine  debris  problems  on  their  beaches.  They  arrange  volunteer  “ Beach  Cleanup  Programs” in  schools,  the  government  and  business also  provide   support. Hawalii could  manage  to  remove  40,934  pounds  of  debris  from   beaches with  the  help   of  5,869  volunteers, through  these  programs  within  three  years .


Given  below  is  a  summary  of  50 year long campaign  that  Singapore had to change  the people into keeping their city clean;

Every individual’s daily life is limited to 24 hours. Did you just think how you spend the 24 hours?  We shall  do a  small introduction about this.

24 hour

Let’s manage the 24 hours that  we have for a day in the proper way.  Actually one  cannot spend   an   hour  for  leisure ,  as we   have  introduced,  due  to     busy  schedule  of  their  lives. Some young people’s lives have been confined to the mobile phone. There’s no time to spend with parents or to engage in any hobbies, some adults do not have this leisure  due to  TV.   Specially, even some  are  used  to  have  their meals  while  watching  T.V.    Do  you  know  that,    if  you  have  your  meal, while  watching  T V,  you  won’t  be   able to   get the nutritious in the  meal in  an  appropriate  way   as  you  need.

Do you like  if,   the television is not telecasted after 10 at night?

Next we suggest to remove the bad  deeds that are assured as anti-social from the society to improve the individual discipline. Under that:

වැඩි බර පටවන් ගියොත් වෙන්නේ මේකයි

අපි හිතලා රට හදමු යන අප සංවිධානය මූලිකවම අවධානය යොමු කරන මාතෘකාව වනුයේ පුද්ගල ආරක්ෂාව වැඩි දියුණු කිරීම ගැනයි. අපේම කැමරා කාචයට හසුවු මෙම පින්තූරය…